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A new multi chamber, 70mm modern window and door system.

Stylish. Practical. Straightforward.
Just what you need for today’s domestic refurbishment and new build markets.

Clean white. Glossy. Beautifully bevelled.
The perfect solution for the most popular window and door styles.

Built in Britain.
Over 26 years of extrusion technology and experience. Manufactured in the markets leading polymer extrusion facility.


Calibre pre-gasketed profiles are unique in design*. The result? Simple, speedy manufacture. Easier glazing. Reduced sightlines. Consistent finish. Good clean corner finishes. Zero hard spots.
26 years of extrusion experience goes into Calibre profile for exceptional consistency and integrity. Complete confidence. Straightforward manufacture. No fuss. No headaches.

Fit a stylish and reliable replacement window with no fuss. A Calibre window won’t shatter or discolour. Our unique gasket* provides a consistent and reduced sightline. Installation is easy, with no cause for call back.

All styles of window. A wide range of residential doors. Calibre profile offers exceptional reliability, excellent functionality and all of the benefits associated with PVCU – security, thermal efficiency, low maintenance, excellence acoustics, quality and performance.
Whatever a homeowner wants from a modern PVCU window, they will find it with Calibre.
With stunning performance and fantastic versatility, it’s just Calibre.


  • Multi chamber profile for enhanced efficiency.
  • Beautifully bevelled.
  • Clean white, glossy finish.
  • Lead free & 100% recyclable.
  • Decorative 28mm glazed bead.
  • Pre-gasketed profile – unique design*. Perfect Finish.
  • Easily achieves the highest A Window Energy Rating.
  • Suitable for all modern hardware.
  • Easy manufacture. Easy fit.
  • Meets all UK weather and security test requirements.
  • Built in Britain.

Outstanding thermal performance. Easily achieves excellent A rating. Calibre complies with all of the latest building regulations.



Produced in Britain Calibre profiles are 100% recyclable and 100% lead free.

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